Top 5 Halloween Celebrations Around The World

Halloween is one of the largely celebrated American festivals. However, these days we see the event being celebrated across the globe. A festival that was celebrated only in one country is celebrated now in all the 6 continents. Countries began improvising the Halloween traditions and started to incorporate a lot of funny things to it, thus leading the world into a competition. People who love Halloween are always on a lookout for the best Halloween celebration. So here we are going to list the countries that are known for their Halloween celebrations.


Of course, we cannot skip the American tradition when it comes to Halloween. All of us know that Halloween is predominantly an Amercian festival and for the same reason it is celebrated at its best in Mexico. The Mexicans call the day with the different name, and it is called the Día de Los Muertos. The name sounds a little different for a happy celebration, and so does its meaning. The Mexican word literally translates to ‘The Day of the Dead’.

Hong Kong:

The name that they give for the day is quite funny. They call it is the Hungry Ghost festival in Hong Kong. It might not be celebrated exactly on the day as the rest of the world celebrates as they see it as an ancestral tradition to celebrate after the seventh month of the lunar calendar. However, if you are in Hong Kong during this festival, you are sure to enjoy some visual treat.


The people of Ireland and Scotland also have the day celebrated grandly. These people call the day as Samhain, one of the earliest ways of calling the day. This is how the people of the yesteryears called it before typically Americanising the name to Halloween.  Again, they translate the name of the day as the ‘Day of the Dead’. Just like the rest of the world the people of Ireland and Scotland celebrate it on 31st of October and have the event extended until 1st of November.


One need not have to teach the Japanese people how to celebrate festivals as they always do it at their best and Halloween is one such festival. Back in Japan, it is called the Obon festival, and it is quite adorable that the festival has been in Japan for around 500 years and the same tradition is being practised to date.

New York:

It is all starts and ends with America as without them Halloween wouldn’t have existed. New York is known for its celebration and apart from the fact that they are celebrating the Halloween, every single day that you spend in New York is a festival day as the city is always in celebration mode. Back in New York, the day is called the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, and it is celebrated on 31st of October.